Clean Program Starter Tips

As promised, here are some tips that I’ve learned along my Clean Program (CP) journey in order to help you get started on your own journey.  I really recommend reading the book because it really makes you understand why you’re doing this program, and the benefits that you’ll be receiving from it.  It will also raise your awareness to more than just the food that you’re putting into your body, and will teach you so much more about general health and the way your body works and functions without getting too technical or preachy.  If you aren’t ready to buy the book, here’s a link to their manual online that gives a condensed version of the program and gives you an idea of what it’s all about  As Dr. Junger suggests, before you begin you need to set your intention.  Are you doing this because you want to do it, or because you need do it? What do you hope to gain from it and what are your goals?  Doing the 21 day cleanse is a commitment and you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared and focused for before you begin the physical aspect.
You can keep it easy and purchase the recommended shakes and supplements directly through the CP website for $425, or you can choose to buy them on your own.  I chose to order the Cleanse and Nourish shakes and buy my own supplements.  I went to Trader Joe’s and got the Milk Thistle (which I’ve been taking three times a day), the Natural Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes (which I take with my lunch), and went to Whole Foods to get the Probiotic (taken after lunch), and the Oil of Oregano (which I take in-between my meals) and found that this was way more cost effective than purchasing it through the CP website.  I’ve found some online options for you if you want to skip the store-hopping and buy them online. Unfortunately, no matter what I mixed in with the Clean Nourish and Move shakes they tasted awful.  They were gritty, tasteless and I could never taste any of the fruits or vegetables that I added into the shake so I had to return them.  There was NO way I could do 21 days of drinking that crap.  I opted for Vega One shakes that I’d used and loved in the past and found that they have a higher nutritional content that the CP ones (and they taste delicious!) so I definitely recommend them.  You can order them online or find it at most health food stores.  If you chose another shake, make sure it’s soy, gluten, and animal protein-free and look for one that is made from brown rice protein.  I like the vanilla flavor personally, but they have other options like chocolate, berry, plain, etc. Now that you’ve got the basics and prep down, I’ll be back tomorrow for some great recipes and meal options so stay tuned!
Cheers to our Health!



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