Finding Balance in Relationships

Up until I met my boyfriend Mark, I would have rather watched paint dry than watch golf.  I thought that golf was a slow, boring sport for old men that had no athletic ability.  Mark is really into golf though, and because he’s so passionate about it, I slowly started to follow it with him.   We went to the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines last year, and that really was the first step in giving me a chance to learn about and appreciate golf.  We had an amazing time – it was in the mid 70s in January and we got to do three of my favorite things (drink, eat and walk) while doing one of his favorite things, so it was a great compromise in my book.   Since then, I really started to learn more about golf and started to understand and appreciate it much more, and even started taking lessons!

When you’re in a relationship with someone it’s always great to have separate interests, but it’s even better to have interests and hobbies in common that you can enjoy with one another as well.  I’ve always been closed off to golf in general and had I not been open to learning about it because of Mark, I would really be missing out on something that we can enjoy together.  You get to be enjoying the outdoors while getting some fresh air and great scenery while sipping on some beer…what’s better than that?!  Keep an open mind and even if you don’t like something your significant other does, at least try to be open and learn more about it because you never know if you’ll actually enjoy it as well.

Mark and I enjoying the day 

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