Benefits of the Clean Program


Celebrating the end of the Clean Program with a Spa Day at the Estancia in La Jolla

Last Friday marked the end of my Clean Program journey, and I wanted to share a quick recap of my experience and the benefits that I gained from it.  When I started on the CP I never thought that I’d be able to last a full week, let alone 21 days because I’ve never been able to stick to any eating plan or diet for more than week.  I’m not one of those people that is good at giving up the things I love (food and wine), and have a really hard time finding anything that makes me feel good enough to continue to keep doing it but I finally found something that changed all of that.  Here are some of the changes that I noticed during my time on the CP:

  • Although the CP is a cleanse/detox program and isn’t designed as a diet to lose weight, weight loss is inevitable and an added bonus and I lost a total of 8 pounds!  My clothes fit right again, and the puff and bloating that I was feeling in my entire body disappeared completely
  • I slept better than I have in years
  • My energy was much higher, and I wasn’t as tired
  • A dramatic decrease in cellulite (great benefit for us girls!)
  • All my friends that have seen me have all remarked how healthy I look, and how I was “glowing”
  • I didn’t have a single bout of indigestion, fullness, bloating or acid reflux the entire time
  • I had regular eliminations (sorry if it’s TMI but it’s one of the things you want to have happen and regulate on the CP)
  • For the first time since I’ve been off the birth control pill (about two years) I had a normal menstrual cycle (again, sorry to the guys that don’t like to hear this kind of girl stuff)
  • My brain fog decreased dramatically
  • My cravings and addiction to unhealthy food (sugar, chocolate, fries, pizza, coffee, etc.) have completely disappeared
  • My stress level has dropped and I’ve found that I’m a lot more calm and mellow now
  • I’ve re-set my eating habits and my relationship with food, and have learned to enjoy foods in a different and healthier way than I ever have before
  • I’m much more aware of how food effects how my body feels and functions
  • I’ve learned to listen to my body, and fuel it in a way that makes it feel and work better, rather than indulging in food to fulfill another need
  • My outlook and mood is more positive
  • I actually feel healthy
Realistically, I know that I’m not going to be able to live a completely CP lifestyle because I love pizza, ice cream and wine too much to ever give them up completely, but I think that I finally found a way to balance the things that I love eating, with the things that I should be eating.  I’m in the re-introduction phase of the CP where you slowly begin to eat the things that you’ve eliminated over the last three weeks, and I’ve found that I haven’t gone straight to the ice cream and pizza like I thought I would.  I still ate really clean this weekend, even despite being on a weekend getaway and eating out all weekend.  I did the CP to regain my health and feel better, and now that I have and do feel better than I have in years, I’m going to continue to follow it as much as I can.

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  1. I heard about a lot of fit celebrities who did this CP– so cool to hear about it first hand! I like how you give the inside scoop. It's so interesting how what you put into your body so much, from your skin's glow to your eyes brightness to your cognition… Loved learning about this. Thank you, Cheers to Our Health!


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