Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

Not a bad way to spend the day…just saying…

I’m all about spas and pampering and treating myself whenever I can, and one of my favorite day-spas by far is Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona, California.  Over 150 years old, Glen Ivy has been a popular destination day spa for locals and visitors, providing a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.  Only about an hour from Los Angeles or San Diego, Glen Ivy is spread across 10 lush acres filled with pools, spas, botanical gardens, a full-service spa, an on-site restaurant and much more. 

  • Mineral Baths:  Glen Ivy is known for their mineral pools.  Heated to 104°, they have numerous health benefits which include promoting relaxation, soothing aching muscles, aiding in joint pain, easing high blood pressure, reducing eczema, aiding in the circulation and blood flow in the body, and much more. 
  • Pools:  Besides the mineral baths, there are a ton of other pools to enjoy.  There’s a heated saline pool, a lap pool, a lounge pool filled with rafts, plus many more pools with varying temperatures to take a dip in. 
  • Club Mud:  Get down and dirty at Club Mud!  You basically pretend like you’re five years old and you cover your body in this red mud clay and let it work it’s magic – absorbing impurities, releasing waste and dead skin cells, it’ll leave your skin super smooth and tight. 
  • The Grotto:  No this isn’t like Hugh Heffner’s grotto – it’s better! Travel underground where you will enter into a “cave” where an attendant will apply a moisturizer made of aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil and other ingredients to your body with a brush.  Then, you head into the hydrating chamber, rinse off in the granite shower, and refresh in the cool mist chamber for this ultimate moisturizing experience. 
  • Spa Services:  From massages, to facials, nail care and more there’s a
  • Food:  The food is seriously bomb. It’s spa-inspired cuisine that’s healthy and seriously delish, and don’t worry they have some wine and beer too 😉 
  • Activities:  If you want a little bit more action to your experience, there are always daily activities that they provide on a daily basis ranging from water aerobics, yoga, tai chi and more.  

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