What a Week’s Worth of Groceries Looks Like Around the World

This family of 9 from Ecuador spent $32
for their week’s worth of groceries
I came across this link of a series of work done by photographer Peter Menzel of what a week of groceries looks like around the world and found it absolutely fascinating.  Not only does it show the groceries bought, but the families themselves, the country they’re from and the amount spent on their groceries for the week.  I found it really interesting that the families with smaller budgets seemed to buy much more fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean proteins and grains and very little, if any, processed food.  Many people in America say that it’s hard to eat healthy because it’s too expensive to buy “healthy” food but I think that this series proves it’s a lot cheaper and easier than we think.  The photos definitely speak for themselves so check them out!


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