Different Perspectives of Beauty Around the World

Honig’s original picture vs. a German photo-shopper’s version

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that statement couldn’t be seen more clearly than in this experiment conducted by journalist Esther Honig. Honig, a journalist from Missouri, had the idea to send an un-retouched self-portrait of herself to graphic designers in 27 different countries, asking them to photoshop her image to make her “beautiful” and to reflect what a woman in that country’s fashion magazines would look like. The images definitely speak for themselves, and definitely show us that there are many versions, definitions and standards of beauty and how it’s viewed around the world.
What I take away from this experiment is that it’s obvious that there is no universal standard of what is “beautiful” so embrace your own unique look and definition of beauty. If you feel beautiful, that ‘s what will radiate from you and that is what others will see as well, so embrace the beauty that resides within you and let it shine for the world to see!

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