How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

There’s no doubt that pregnancy and childbirth are a total miracle and you definitely get a new appreciation for your body and what it’s capable of. Unfortunately, along with the miracles come the struggles as well, and one of the things I’ve def been trying to avoid with pregnancy are the dreaded stretch marks. I know my body is going to grow and expand and am cool with that and realize that’s out of my control, but I am definitely trying to minimize what I can when it comes to certain things, stretch marks in particular. I know that they say stretch marks are partially based on genetics and since my mom got them, I’m a pretty good candidate for getting them as well. So what have I been doing to minimize those nasty suckers?? Besides working out regularly, eating well and drinking lots of water to make sure I stay within my recommended weight gain, I’ve also been using Yes to Carrots body lotion Yes To Moisturizing Body Lotion, Carrots, 12 Fluid Ounce combined with Mother’s Special Blend skin toning oil Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil, 8-Ounce Bottle.

As you know, I’m all about using natural products anyways, and since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been even more diligent about it. I love Yes To products, and this lotion is made using carrots and sweet potatoes which are full of Beta-Carotene and full of antioxidants, combined with safflower and jojoba oils as well.  The Mother’s Special Blend Oil was created specifically for us preggo women using almond and coconut oils, cocoa butter and Vitamin E and is made with no chemicals, artificial colors or preservatives. I found that the oil was WAY too thick on it’s own, so I combine a bit of the lotion with the oil in the palm of my hand and apply. Honestly, my skin has never felt smoother or smelled better (the hubs tells me I smell like a cupcake), and at 23 weeks pregnant I have yet to get a stretch mark!!



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