What is Wellness?

“Wellness” is definitely one of the trends and buzzwords that you hear about and see everywhere these days, but what is it and what can we do to achieve it?

By definition, wellness is the state of being in good mental and physical health, but it’s really so much more than just your mental and physical health.  There are actually seven elements to wellness: emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, physical and social and it’s about finding the balance between all of these things that will ultimately lead to achieving a state of true wellness and a much happier, healthier, successful and fulfilling life.

What I suggest doing is sitting down and writing down each of these elements and underneath each of them start jotting down your thoughts and notes on what these elements mean to you, the positives within those elements that you already have going for you, what you’d like to improve on, and steps that you can take in order to make these improvements.  Doing this will not only give you a sense and appreciation of all the good things already present in your life, but will act as your own personal guide on what to work on in order to make your life even better.



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