Best Prenatal Vitamins

We all know that one of the most important things to be taking while (and even before you become) pregnant is a good prenatal vitamin but there are SOOOOO many options out there it’s super overwhelming to find a good one.  My doctor gave me samples of prescription prenatal vitamins, but I just thought it was weird to be getting a prescription for vitamins – I mean I get prescriptions for drugs and antibiotics, but just didn’t like the idea of getting prescription vitamins (that’s just me) and went in search of my own vitamins I could just buy myself that were prescription-free.

Because of how I was feeling during different times during my pregnancy and the different symptoms that kept coming up, I had to try out quite a few different prenatal vitamins, so I did a ton of research and tried some out and here are my picks for the best prenatal vitamins out there.  I got mine from Whole Foods, but you can get them online or at most natural health food stores as well.


When you have nausea or morning sickness, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to swallow a ton of huge, nasty tasting horse pills so the one-a-day vitamins are a great option for you.  My favorites are Rainbow Light Prenatal One or Simply One Prenatal .   Both are food-based vitamins that are really easy on your stomach and provide you and your baby with all the necessary nutritional support that you need.


During my first trimester I was nauseous and couldn’t gulp down more than one pill at a time, but later in my pregnancy I took the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal multivitamins and really liked these.  In addition to providing the essentials, they go a step further and are packed with a blend of a ton of organic fruits, veggies and a sprout blend and is specifically designed to provide immune support for both you and your baby.


In addition to a multi-vitamin, it’s really strongly suggestted to take DHA as well because it supports the healthy development of the baby’s brain, eyes, nervous and immune systems. Nordic Naturals is the official omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association, doesn’t have a high mercury content or toxicity to worry about, and doesn’t taste gross or fishy like other omega-3 supplements.







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