Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego


You can’t go to Cucina Urbana without ordering the squash blossoms

I’ve been lucky enough to have eaten and drank my way through Italy a couple of times, and when I’m looking for a taste of Italy here in San Diego, these are my fav Italian restos in town (no passport necessary):

  1. Bice:  If you’re looking for a more upscale Italian dining experience, this is the spot for you. Must eat: a sample from their killer cheese and salami bar
  2. Cucina Urbana:  Italian food with a fresh, California twist is what sets this apart from the rest.  Must eat: stuffed fried squash blossoms
  3. Buona Forcetta:  With a pizza oven imported straight from Italy and a staff consisting of mostly Italians, this is as close to the real Italian experience as you’re going to get in San Diego.  Must eat: any of their pizzas


    Pizza heaven at Buona Forchetta

  4. Alexander’s:  I’m a sucker for all-white candlelit restaurants, and if you couple that with some amazing Italian food, you’ve got a winning combo in my book.  Must have: baked vodka bolognese
  5. Davanti Enoteca:  Rustic comfort food at it’s finest.  Must eat:  ragu of the day


    Polenta so good you’ll want to lick the board it’s served on

  6. Bottega Americano:  Although it’s the newest Italian restaurant to pop up in San Diego, chances are it’s probably going to be your favorite.  Must eat:  lamb osso bucco

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