Green Juice Detox Recipe

Feel like you indulged a little too much over the holidays? Good, because you should have! It’s the holidays and it’s the one time of year that you should be indulging and enjoying good food and drinks with your family and friends without feeling guilty.

But alas, after too many days of indulging, and with that post-holiday bloat and sugar crash kicking in full force you might be wanting to get back on track and re-set your system even before the new year rolls around. There’s no better way to not only detox from the holidays, but also get a head-start on those healthy eating resolutions than with a great green juice. This is by far my fav green recipe that’s energizing, refreshing, full of nutrients and antioxidants, and tastes super yums.

– 5 large leaves of kale, ribs removed
– handful of spinach
– 1 cucumber
– 1-2 ribs of celery
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 1 apple
– 1 inch knob of ginger, peeled
– 1 sprig of fresh mint

Throw everything into your juicer and enjoy. No juicer? No problem. Chop up all of the ingredients and throw them into a blender with 2/3 of a cup of water, blend, then strain through a fine mesh strainer and drink up!

No juicer or blender? Grab a fresh juice at your local juice bar or pick up a bottle at your local grocery store – Suja or Blueprint are my top picks.



Top 20 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Like most of you, I really can’t function without coffee, but shockingly it’s not the first thing that I down in the morning. After waking up and checking my emails, playing WWF and catching up on Instagram and Facebook, I stumble downstairs, and have my apple cider vinegar “cocktail” while I’m waiting for my coffeemaker to warmup.

I’m sure you’ve heard a ton about how apple cider vinegar is sooo good for you, and that it has a ton of benefits, but really what is it good for and what are those benefits?? Here’s a list of 20 things that ACV is used most commonly for:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Regulates the pH balance in your body
  3. Soothes bug bites
  4. Helps to prevent/reduce acne
  5. Helps to relieve nausea
  6. Helps to relieve heartburn and acid reflux
  7. Helps to relieve sinus pressure and infection
  8. Helps to reduce inflammation
  9. Dissolves kidney stones
  10. Prevents the flu
  11. Helps to reduce cholesterol
  12. Helps to lower blood pressure
  13. Helps breakdown fat
  14. Helps to relieve bloating
  15. Helps to lower glucose levels in diabetics
  16. Helps to relieve migraines
  17. Helps to kill cancer cells and slow their growth
  18. Helps to relieve asthma
  19. Helps to relieve allergies
  20. Gets rid of warts, and nail fungus

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you give it a try??  If you want more info on it’s benefits, uses, recipes and more then definitely check out the Bragg website.  I only take it once a day (as opposed to the suggested three times a day by Bragg) and have found that it’s helped a lot of with my acid reflux, bloating, preventing the flu and honestly, I just like the way it makes me feel overall.

Does it taste amazing? No, not really, but honestly I think a shot of Jager or wheatgrass taste worse.  You do get used to the taste after awhile and it’s actually good for you so just give it a shot (no pun intended).

ACV Cocktail recipe:

  • 8 oz. water
  • 1-2 tsp. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1-2 tsp. organic honey, maple syrup or agave (optional)


Red Mountain Resort and Spa


View from the top of one of the morning hikes at Snow Canyon State Park

If you’re looking for an amazing destination spa where you can relax, eat amazing food, get pampered, but also have a ton of amazing activities to choose from, then look no further than Red Mountain Resort and Spa in St. George, Utah.  Known for their “adventure vacations”, Red Mountain is the kind of resort that attracts both men and women because there are a ton of activities and options that cater to both sexes.  I was there for four days with my girlfriend, and it was the perfect little girls getaway and we both left feeling relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated, and completely devastated that we had to leave and head back to reality.  Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect when you visit:


Hiking is definitely the highlight at RM.  Every morning you can sign up for a guided hike through Snow Canyon State Park which is just a few minutes from the Resort, and there are three different levels that you can choose from from beginner to expert levels that last about 2-3 hours total.  Throughout the day, there are also a ton of different workout classes that you can sign up for that range from Zumba, to TRX, to yoga, to water aerobics, and more.  All of the hiking and regular classes are included in the standard package, and you can also sign up for other activities (at an additional cost) like an all-day hiking adventure at Zion National Park, rock climbing, river rafting, horseback riding and more.

If you’re not as into intense activities, there’s more than enough relaxing and chill options as well.  Their spa is phenomenal and they have the most amazing variety of spa treatments to choose from.  I got the hot stone massage and highly recommend it.  There are also several pools that you can chill out at, a labyrinth, mediation and other workshops that vary daily, or you can just chill out, do nothing and just enjoy the scenery.


One of my favorite “activities” was lounging in front of my room


In a word, the food is AMAZING.  Food is included in all the packages, and breakfast and lunch are buffet style and vary on a daily basis.  There are standard staples every day (cereal, fruit, oatmeal, etc. for breakfast and salad bar, cold cuts and cheeses for lunch) but there’s a wide variety in the hot options each day so you’re never bored.  The dinner menu changes nightly and it consists of a menu with several options to choose from, along with the salad bar, and all the nutritional information is listed for all your entree and dessert options.  There are also wine and beer options, as well as wine-based cocktails to choose from as well.  There’s also a cafe that you can pick up coffee, sandwiches, salads, flatbread pizzas and more as well.  All the food is spa-inspired, healthy, nutritious and seriously delicious.


Healthy chicken pad-thai inspired dinner


  • The rooms are spacious, clean and comfy, and provide everything that you need for your stay.
  • I really can’t say enough about how kind and accommodating the entire staff is there.  You will get the attention and service that you’d expect from a 5-star resort, and you really get the sense that that staff cares about it’s guests and providing them with a truly incredible experience.
  • When you arrive, you will be provided with a list of all the activities and scheduled events for the duration of your stay, along with a backpack and two water bottles for you to use during your stay and to take home with you.
  • There are a variety of different packages to choose from so check them out to see what suits your taste.
  • Unlike a lot of other destination spa/resorts, RM is really affordable and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Most of the guests there have been to Red Mountain Resort many, many times and keep coming back at least once a year…that kind of says it all…


Benefits of Pilates

“In 10 sessions you will fee the difference;
in 20 sessions you will see the difference,
and in 30 sessions you will have a new body”

– Joseph Pilates


I tried my first Pilates reformer class about 7 years ago, and have been hooked ever since.  I didn’t play sports growing up, don’t have the best coordination, nor am I a gym rat, so finding a form of exercise that I really enjoy, challenges me, and has me seeing results can been difficult to find. And since I’m kind of a short fry I tend to bulk up easily with certain workouts, but Pilates helped to get my body really lean, and elongated my muscles in a way I never thought possible.

There are a lot of benefits to practicing Pilates. Not only does it help raise your own body awareness, it helps to lengthen and strengthen your muscles without adding any bulk, creates a strong core (abs and back), helps improve posture, aids in weight loss, increases flexibility, decreases neck and back pain, and basically it just makes your body look amazing!  I’ve even been taking classes about twice a week during my pregnancy (with modifications) and it’s seriously kept me super lean and toned throughout my whole body.

Honestly, I’ve found that Pilates matt classes at gyms and at-home videos are super boring, not that challenging for me, and I never really saw the same results that I did as reformer classes so I def reccomend classes over anything else if you can.  I’ve been to over a dozen different Pilates studios in San Diego, and these are my top three:

Club Pilates: This is definitely my favorite studio in San Diego. There are locations all around the county (and even popping up around the country!!), the classes are really affordable (and they always have amazing specials through Groupon, Living Social and their website), and they offer a ton of variety because they use the reformer, spring board, ballet bar, EXO chair and more in the classes. http://clubpilatesstudio.com

The Pilates Room: This is where I first tried and fell in love with pilates. They have a variety of great non-traditional classes like power classes, abs/buns or arms/abs classes and much more, and have locations popping up all around. http://thepilatesroomonline.com

Core 40: Not your traditional pilates class, this is a 40 minute faster, higher intensity routine that’s also great for men looking for an added challenge. http://www.core40.com

If you don’t live in San Diego, ask around to see what studios people you know are going to, or what I like to do is go to one of the deal websites like Groupon or Living Social to see what Pilates studios are offering good packages and then see what their ratings are on yelp or other websites and check out their feedback.  I love trying out new studios or workouts through these sites because not only are you getting a huge discount, but if you don’t like it then you don’t feel as bad as you would if you were paying full price.

What is Wellness?

“Wellness” is definitely one of the trends and buzzwords that you hear about and see everywhere these days, but what is it and what can we do to achieve it?

By definition, wellness is the state of being in good mental and physical health, but it’s really so much more than just your mental and physical health.  There are actually seven elements to wellness: emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, physical and social and it’s about finding the balance between all of these things that will ultimately lead to achieving a state of true wellness and a much happier, healthier, successful and fulfilling life.

What I suggest doing is sitting down and writing down each of these elements and underneath each of them start jotting down your thoughts and notes on what these elements mean to you, the positives within those elements that you already have going for you, what you’d like to improve on, and steps that you can take in order to make these improvements.  Doing this will not only give you a sense and appreciation of all the good things already present in your life, but will act as your own personal guide on what to work on in order to make your life even better.